Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magical Moment 601, "Corky"


There was more black than white in his black and white view.
And more scents to smell than he ever knew.
His paws on the floor made a light pitter-pat.
While the high-heels around him went "clackity-clack."
He wandered through the strangers than filled his home,
And though many pet him, he still felt alone.

At last he made his way to his chair.
Familiar and safe, his master would be there.
But when he jumped up, he was met with surprise
By a red-headed girl with tears in her eyes.
There's not much English that he understands,
"Sit," "Stay," and a few other commands.
But he knew when she said, so warm in her tone,
"I'm sorry, boy. He's not coming home."

Eddie's Granddaddy, Jackie Howell (right)
January 24, 1937 - January 1, 2012

Eddie, our nephew Jack, and Granddaddy's dog, Corky.