Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magical Moment 58, "Rock Out"

In a spur of the moment decision, Eddie and I decided to meet halfway between New Jersey and North Carolina to see each other over the-3 day holiday weekend. We weren’t planning on it, but suddenly the thought of missing an opportunity to spend a little time together seemed unbearable. We took off around midnight, after I finished a job in the city and met somewhere in Virginia at six in the morning.

After sleeping the day away, we woke up that evening starved and decided to walk next door to the Cracker Barrel. It was a beautiful spring day, no need for a jacket. The trees were in bloom and the sky was clear. I realized how lucky we were for so many reasons. First, that neither of us fell asleep at the wheel as we struggled to stay alert and awake in the wee hours of that morning. Second, how we’re willing to do those kinds of things for each other. It’s those moments that I feel more and more certain we’re meant to be with each other and we’re each other’s best friend.

That evening, outside the Cracker Barrel, we pulled up side-by-side, hand-made, for-sale rocking chairs and peacefully rocked for a long time. It’s strange how the tiniest, most random things can bring up old memories or make you feel a familiar sense of comfort. Somehow the swaying of the chairs slowed everything down and put the world into perspective. It had been a long time since we sat, quietly, contently, enjoying the weather and atmosphere. We’re always going, rushing, working. I thought, maybe New York needs a Cracker Barrel. Then I thought, maybe Eddie and I just need a pair of rocking chairs.

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Debbie said...

I think that you need the rocking chairs! When Eddie called to wish me Happy Birthday and told me that he was going out to dinner with you, my first thought was how happy that I was that he was with you on my birthday since he couldn't be with me. I am so happy that God gave you to my wonderful son.