Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Magical Moment 90, "Patience"

Patience is a virtue. Just not one of my virtues. The thing about impatient people is this. If you hurry, you’ll get there faster. If you get there faster, you’ll be done quicker. If you’re done quicker, you can move onto the next thing sooner. Getting more things done means a sense of accomplishment and productivity. Then again, it also means a constant state of anxiousness, half done projects, and disappointment when expectations are not met.

I remember as a little girl, stapling holes together in my dresses rather than asking my mother to sew them because I just had to wear it that day. Of course, the staples worked for an hour or two and then I was left with my underwear peeking through the pink, flowered dress pattern for the rest of the day.
I’ve cut my own hair since junior high because I can’t stand the thought of making an appointment and waiting til Thursday to make my hair look the way I want. Several times, this meant making the appointment anyway to fix my little mishap.

I can’t bear to contemplate the hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars spent in traffic, parking, and towing fees since I was 16. All because I didn’t want to park far away, or was afraid of being two minutes late for something.

How many spelling and grammar errors have you counted in my blogs? All because I can't stand to go over and over it, proof-reading.

My cookies are always under baked because I can’t wait for the timer to ding to eat that warm, gooey goodness. Okay, that one works because I like soft cookies.

Who knows if I’ll ever really become a patient person. But I know this much is true. You can get it done quick, or you can get it done right. I’ve learned that both are rare.


Regina Teague said...

I never knew you used to staple your dresses! You might not be patient, but you are an excellent secret keeper!

Anneliese said...

SO very true, Elizabeth!