Thursday, June 24, 2010

Magical Moment 140, "The Irresistible Urge"

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t pass by a piano without playing it. I remember the half dozen old pianos scattered throughout my old church and school building. When we stayed late or arrived early for one of our many church related events, I entertained myself by finding an abandoned, wooden upright, and playing until it was time to go. I got my piano job at Lee’s Restaurant by simply asking the owner if I could play a song on the clunky, out of tune piano (with the encouragement of my family, due to my own shyness). To this day, If I am in the vicinity of a piano, sooner or later, I’ll find my way to it.
That’s why this project by Sing For Hope is so neat. There are others like me, who couldn’t pass up an available piano if their life depended on it. They come in all different skill levels and styles, but all have that same desire in common.

I met one such person in Central Park by the band shell. He hovered with attentive curiosity, over the shoulders of me and the other players. After my turn on the keys, I rose from the bench and noticed his hungry gaze.
“Do you play?” I asked.
“Well, yeah, but…” he down played his ability, but I thought there was something more.
“Play something.” I coaxed.

When he began to play, I saw immediately how much he underestimated himself. He was shy, nervous, and unsure of himself, but he loved to play. That much was apparent. And when his nimble fingers glided up and down the keyboard, I knew he also had talent. Whoever he was, I hope he keeps it up and never passes by a piano without being magnetically drawn to play it.
I had trouble uploading the video of this young man, but to see it on youtube, click here.

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