Sunday, July 11, 2010

Magical Moment 157, "The Boys I Love"

What I love most about this short video is not the fact that my two nephews, who I love more than life, are adorably banging on the piano with no rhyme or reason, although that is super cute. I watched it over and over and saw the same thing clearer each time. Zach can scarcely contain the pure, exuberant joy and happiness that uncontrollably overflows from his tiny, butterball body. He’s happy because he’s sitting next to his big brother who he loves and wants to be just like. He’s happy because his big brother is smiling and playing with him. He’s happy because he is in his Papaw and Granny’s house, a safe and comfortable place in his small world. And I believe he is happy because he is creating the funny sound that’s coming from that big, brown box. All is right in his world right now.

And although I am not there in person to applaud after the boys’ musical masterpiece is complete, I'm happy to at least witness those moments of total joy in the lives of the 2 little boys I love.


Mary Valencia said...

Absolutely adorable, honest enjoyment with heart!

Regina Teague said...

I think that Zach is going to grow up loving music just like his Aunt Beth.

Anonymous said...

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