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Magical Moment 252, "A Husker and a Friend at People's Lounge"

Last night I performed a 30-minute set at People Kitchen and Lounge in New York City’s Lower East Side. I agreed to the performance very last minute and quickly invited all the people I knew who might be able to make it. I arrived at the intimate, trendy lounge to find absolutely no one I knew had come. Even Eddie was unable to make it on time. As I prepared to begin, I couldn’t help feeling a bit down about it. I looked around at the strangers' faces who were relatively uninterested, and only there to see the performer after me.

Just as the manager gave me the nod to begin, I saw someone arrive out of the corner of my eye. It was a friend and fellow pianist I had met when we did a performance months ago. We remained in touch and go to open mic nights whenever possible. And as coincidence would have it, he is also from Nebraska!!! I ran to the door, hugged him in his bright red Husker jacket, and told him how glad I was that he came. And I really was. It gave me a boost of confidence to allow me to perform my best and with relatively less nervousness than normal (a pretty big triumph for me). I was thankful that God sent me a friend when I really needed one.

Here is a video from last night of one of my favorite original songs, “You Should Be Kissed.” It will be on my upcoming EP with Modern Vintage Recordings (with someone else playing guitar!). I recently did some slight re-writes to this song that I’m really proud of. Hope you enjoy it (lyrics below).

“You Should Be Kissed” words and music by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009

Verse 1:
I stood next to her when she said ‘I do’ to you.
Now my feelings still burn with silent desire, it’s true.

I still long for you, Oh God, I adore you.
I’d kiss you like you should be kissed.
My love would feed all your needs. My heart bleeds.
And you alone are my only wish

Don’t go home to her. Stay here with me, please.
If you just whispered the word, I’m afraid you could have me.

Verse 2:
You take a piece of my soul every time you go.
Now my heartache won’t cease. Every day it just grows.

When you go away, wanna beg you to stay,
Wrap my arms ‘round your leg as I fall to my knees.
There’s nothing I won’t do, so in love with you.
Right or wrong means nothing to me.

Don’t go home to her. Stay here with me, please.
If you just whispered the word, I’m afraid you could have me.

Time passes by and still I cry.
This ache in my chest, just won’t go away.
Look at me like you look at her.
I’d kiss you so tender I pray.

I still long for you, Oh God, I adore you.
I’d kiss you like you should be kissed.
I’d kiss you like you should be kissed.
Cuz you should be kissed. Oh, you should be kissed. (repeat and fade)


Eddie said…
I was late, but when I got there the "strangers" in the audience were really into the music too. I think that they all really liked the grocery store song too.

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