Sunday, October 31, 2010

Magical Moment 269, "Full Circle"

My Sundays are usually spent cleaning the house while Eddie frantically finishes his homework that's due online every Sunday night by midnight. But this week, I begged him to do his homework early so we could do something fun on Halloween. After all, it's the only holiday that we haven't celebrated here in New Jersey yet. We spent last Halloween unloading a U-haul truck and unpacking, so I really wanted to do something fun this time.

It was touch and go for a while, but Eddie ultimately came through and got his homework done early. And by "early," I mean he submitted it Sunday afternoon, rather than Sunday at 11:59 pm (true story for another blog). It's actually a pretty impressive accomplishment considering he began his 10 page paper this morning.

The only problem left, was to decide what costumes to wear to the Sleepy Hollow Parade (in the town Sleepy Hollow, NY!). I dug around in my "junk" closet and found some cat ears from years ago. Not very original, but easy. We couldn't find anything that suited Eddie however. Maybe we'll stop somewhere and get him a funny hat on the way.

In the last 12 months, we've made the most of our holidays. We spent Thanksgiving at the Macy's Parade on 5th Avenue. Christmas Day, we went to the Broadway play A Little Night Music with Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury. And on Independence Day, we watched fireworks over the Hudson River with the New York City skyline in the background. This Halloween, we've come full circle....just like a full moon or a pumpkin! Guess we'll see what the next full year brings. They say black cats bring good luck, don't they?

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