Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magical Moment 315, "Hubble Painting"

My husband has been working on a special Christmas gift for his dad this year, a painting based of an actual photograph from the Hubble space telescope. He painted layer by layer, color by color until he created the swirling, smoky light effect. And the final layer, the stars. He used a layer of clear glass beads, which he then hand-painted each one. When the light is just right, they really do glow like stars. 

I think it's a beautiful painting, and more importantly, his dad knows it was created with great care and love.


Hilary said...

Oh that's wonderful! I just clicked on it to get the enlarged view and I hope others will too. The colours and effect are amazing.. the beads - perfect. It almost also resembles a duck (top left being its head) in flight taken from above. It should be called "Hubbie Telescope" ;)

Nicely done, Eddie!

Anita said...

How nice it is for your husband to be blessed with a talent that allows him to be so expressive, and then to show his love by passing it on.

(Thanks Hilary for reminding me to enlarge the picture.)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Hilary, thanks for the tip, I didn't realize you could enlarge it. And you're right about the duck! :)

Anita, thanks so much. He's really enjoying painting as a hobby! :)