Friday, April 2, 2010

Magical Moment 57, "Branch Out"

Last night I had a gig in Brooklyn booked for 8 pm. For this particular event, however, I had to bring a mike, mike stand, amp, cables, and a bag of sheet music. And because I have no "roadie," I had to drive my own car in order to transport everything by myself. I decided to leave my house freakishly early because I've never driven to Brooklyn before and I didn't want to risk being late or even the stress of cutting it too close.

I arrived in Brooklyn and parked my car in a nearby garage about 2 hours early. This being only the 2nd time in my entire life to set foot in Brooklyn, I had no idea what to do with myself when I walked out of the parking garage. I looked left. I looked right. Then decided to walk until I found a Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts and sit for 2 hours. After several blocks, I had no such luck. Apparently, there is no coffee chain on every corner in Brooklyn like there is in Manhattan or New Jersey. I broke down and decided to do some shopping. Yes, the point of booking jobs is to make money, not spend it, but what can I say? It's almost my birthday, right? Somewhere between Grand Army Plaza and Eighth Avenue, I decided I better not spend all my money before I earned it and parked myself in a local cafe for a while.

I surrendered to the idea of having to choose a coffee shop that I was not familiar with and chose a tiny, Cuban cafe. When the lady asked what I wanted, I told her, "I just want something with chocolate." She smiled and served me a home-made oreo cookie and genuine cup of Cuban coffee.

I sat at the stainless steal table, looking out the window at the Brooklyn locals in this trendy neighborhood, eating my treat one crumb at a time. I realized that their every-day, sit-in-a-cafes and window-shop outfit was far more stylish than my so-called "cocktail dress" for that evening. Regardless, I enjoyed the next 45 minutes. My home-made oreo was amazing. It looked like solid food. It felt like solid food. But when I put it into my mouth, it melted into sweet goodness. And the coffee, I must say was just as good, if not better than Dunkin Doughnuts.

In that moment, I was glad that I chose to branch out. Well, not so much chose, as was forced to. Either way, I experienced a great surprise. How much more could I experience in my life, should I choose to branch out just a little more?