Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magical Moment 223, "The Long Route"

I took about a month hiatus from running, not because I was injured, or too busy, or out of town. Just cuz I didn’t wanna. A few days ago, I realized this has probably been the longest break I’ve taken from running in the last 5 years. So, I’ve been getting back into form lately and this morning was my first attempt at the “long route” in quite a while.

I took Joy with me because if she sees me put on my running shoes, she completely flips out and begins howling if I don’t put her leash on her within the next minute or so. She’s usually a pretty good running partner at only 10 months old, though often she tires drastically after the third mile and I feel guilty of animal cruelty for yanking her leash and prodding, “Come on Joy! Keep going!” She also gets distracted by things like squirrels and Burger King wrappers blowing in the street. But today, she was a different dog. She ran me into the ground.

It made me think of my old dog, Duchess, who at 12 years old would run 6 miles with me and still be pulling my arm out of its socket as I stumbled to keep up with her. And there is nothing like a good, long run to make you feel healthy, productive, and strong. As I spent the day putting my energy to good use, poor Joy’s energy was totally depleted. She spent the day sacked out on the living room floor. What a good dog, because I know she’ll do it all again with me on Friday.