Friday, February 11, 2011

Magical Moment 372, "Tiny Dancer"

Somewhere in Chelsea, I played the song, "Tiny Dancer." I was saving this song because it's always a crowd pleaser and so I wanted a good location. Turns out, I couldn't have picked a worse one. Everything started out fine until the traffic around me completely stole the spotlight.
That's New York for you anyway. I guess you'll get a good sense of it...well, what it sounds like anyway. Enjoy!

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Dawn said...

Well I think that was absolutely lovely. New York Traffic or not....
(I CANNOT believe how loud it is there;))

Steve Gravano said...

Smashing! On of my favorite Elton John songs. It the traffic was in tune it might work;) only kidding what do I know about tuning-up traffic!