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Magical Moment 583, "Up"

"Go on with your normal day." That's what we were told to do on this 10th anniversary of 9/11. So I went for a run, practiced the piano, and cleaned the kitchen. I went to the grocery store, took a nap, and did laundry. 

I walked to and from the laundry room, white basket balanced on my hip, held steady with my right arm. And with every airplane that flew overhead, I couldn't help but look up. I did my best to suppress the paranoia that no doubt crept over the majority of New Jersey and New York. Neck craned and imagination running wild, I followed the jet soaring above that was no larger than a dot in the sky. It glided from one horizon to the other, momentarily being eclipsed by a tree branch that arched overhead. It was then I noticed a birds nest I'd never before seen, tucked firmly within the sturdy limbs of the mighty tree. I wondered what birds had hatched and lived within the woven walls of twigs and leaves. "They're safe up there," I thought.

At sunset, two beams of light glowed for only 10 hours out of the year. They began on the ground where the towers once stood, and extended above the tallest skyscrapers in New York City. Neck craned, I could not see its end, through the clouds, beyond the sky, ever extending up into the heavens. They're safe up there.


Linda said…
A very nice post, Elizabeth. I suspect that you've expressed feelings common to many New Yorkers today. Your photograph is lovely.
Rick said…
A beautiful shot of a beautiful tribute. Yes - they're safe up there; the promise of Psalm 121 has come true for them.
Anonymous said…
Oh geez, such a pretty photo, quite a memorial!
Anonymous said…
Beautifully written and an amazing shot!
Thanks for helping me to understand how yall are thinking in NY....we all have felt different degrees of pain remembering this weekend. You had a great thought about up there
Deborah said…
Wonderfully written Elizabeth.
Busy Bee Suz said…
This is have such a gift. Thank you for sharing this with us; with me.
Very, very nice shot, Elizabeth!
missing moments said…
Such a nice post, Elizabeth.
Dave King said…
Superb picture - and a aspect from the day that I, at least, did not get from our media, so thank you. What a civilised way of doing things!
Pierre BOYER said…


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