Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magical Moment 378, "Bull's Eye"

There are times when I wonder if I'm living in a parallel universe. It's that intense feeling of deja vu when it seems like I'm living a past moment and present one all at once. Like that time on the subway when all five  senses took me back to the moments right before I jumped out of a C-130 in the Army - the way I stood, the jerk of the train, the smell, the cramped discomfort. Or the time I walked through my hallway in the middle of the night and heard Latin music blaring from what seemed like my bathroom. I swore I was dreaming, I even tried to wake myself up until Eddie reassured me I was already awake. Today I had another one of those odd sensations.

I sat perfectly still and quiet. I adjusted the muscles of my body, my shoulders, my arms, my abs. I looked straight ahead. I took a deep and deliberate breath. I did this over and over. Each breath drew the same amount of air into my diaphragm. Each exhale relaxed my shoulders to same height. I found myself reciting these words over and over: body position, breathing, trigger squeeze, sight picture. This is how you hit the target. Only, I wasn't at a firing range, I was in a recording booth. 

Just like in a dug out, concrete hole, I was surrounded by the enclosed, gray space of the sound booth. Just like on a live firing range, I was nervous and cautious. Just like the ear protection that silences the outside noise, I could hear every sound my breath made through the sensitive ear phones. I was alert, aware, focused. I'm gonna hit it today. Ready, aim, fire.

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