Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magical Moment 504, "Take it and Be Blessed"

A priceless and necessary summer memory for all to possess, is a dusky, humid evening spent chasing lightning bugs. The chiggers nibbling on your ankles as you race through the freshly mowed grass, eyes fixed on the luminescent spec that fades in and out before your eyes, while arms flail haphazardly through the invisible air to snatch it in your palms.

Imagine my shock and sorrow, when my husband commented that he had never done so. A crime which I felt must immediately be remedied.

I don't own brilliant diamonds, or the luxurious glitter of gold. But once, my grandpa made me a ring to adorn my childishly small fingers, of a lightning bug and twist tie. Twas a piece of jewelry that lasted for only a moment on my hand, but has remained in my beloved thoughts for a lifetime. 

And so, Eddie, you must accept this specially created piece. A lighting fixture, fit for all styles of decor, made of a glass jar, paper towel, and rubber band. The designer is God Himself, with only me as the assembler. I hope it lights a small corner of a room for a moment or two. And then, the rubber band will come off. The paper towel will flutter to the ground. And the the magical specimens will venture out to illuminate their own corner of the great, black sky. Then we will sit back and watch with wonder. We may confuse them with a star for a moment, but who is to say they're not just as lovely?

A lightning bug does not think what they do is extraordinary. It's just how they are. It's just how God made them. But when others see lightning bugs do what comes natural, they are blessed. 

That is my prayer.