Monday, August 15, 2011

Magical Moment 555, "Le P-ew! Close one!"

"Please, I'll never eat another Cheeto as long as I live!"

If you are ever in charge of trapping a pesky animal of some kind to "take care of it," here is a tip. Don't call me to come check it out before you "take care of it," or it won't get "taken care of." As seen in this example when someone, was supposed to do something, but he -or she- didn't because someone else would have made him -or her- sleep on the couch that night if he -or she- had done it.

For music, I couldn't decide between something French in honor of my old buddy Peppy, or the classic ballad, "Born Free." Either way, I bet this little fellow is never tempted by the smell of Cheetos (yes, Cheetos!) again.

(In case you missed yesterday's disclaimer, I am still not Steven Spielberg)