Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magical Moment 558, "Zarkana"

While my little sister was visiting, I took her to see the new Cirque du Soleil show at Radio City Music Hall. I had a feeling it would be right up her alley. We tease her that she's the "quirkier" of the 3 sisters. 

I had recently watched part of a documentary describing the extraordinary undertaking it takes to put a show together. They audition acts for an entire year, have elaborate costumes and make up, and boast some of the most professional lighting directors, choreographers, and staging equipment in the business. The stage itself is so extravagant, they could not run a complete dress rehearsal until mere days before the opening at Radio City, as only a few stages in the country are able to accommodate the grand scale of equipment, and Radio City's stage was occupied with other acts. Instead, they rehearsed different sections of the show on different stages around the country, until they were able to piece it all together in New York. 

Quirky it was - to say the least. Other adjectives include jaw-dropping, freaky, unbelievable, trippy, and worth every penny of the ticket I initially believed to be over priced. The show, titled Zarkana, creates a fantasy world, both magical and creepy. 

But I figured out the magical formula for such a riveting show:
Someone does something unbelievable, making the audience gasp in amazement. 
Then they do the same thing, but rev it up a notch, making the audience clench their chairs in nervous anticipation.
Then they do the same thing, but rev it up even more, making the audience scream in fear, and begin praying.
Then they're done, and the spooky clowns come out, making the audience wonder if someone slipped something in their drink. 
A new act emerges. Repeat.

At one point, my sister leaned over to me and said, "If I wasn't sober, I'd be running out of here crying." Instead, we walked out 2 hours later. Reeling.

(These are the only photos I got before I was kindly asked to put my camera away!)


Linda said...

It sounds as if you've taken to New York like a duck to water. And it also sounds as if you picked the perfect show for your sister.

Dawn said...

I have always wanted to see day! nerves would be SHOT!

Steve Gravano said...

I think it takes an artist to realize the amount of prep and rehearsal that goes into making art, performance or otherwise. It's incredible how much work goes into a two hour show. Sounds like the two of you had a night on the high wire!

TexWisGirl said...

your description makes it very entertaining - for us! :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I have heard a lot about them...did not know it was so nerve wrecking :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I saw them in Chicago 20 years ago and my niece worked with their junior camp for a few years...holy CATS they are amazing!

Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Yes, clowns are spooky aren't they? They sort of dare you not to laugh!

Hilary said...

It sounds wonderful. I'd love to see their Totem show.