Monday, August 22, 2011

Magical Moment 562, "My Graduate"

Hallelujah! The angels sang when Eddie opened a special package that came in the mail today...his diploma! He jokes that it only took him 13 years and 3 different schools to get his degree. While Eddie is my little genius (like, a for real genius), seven years of active duty Army makes it difficult to finish an academic program. Throw in Eddie's super natural distain for homework, and it all makes a little more sense.

There were a few occasions when he and I were so overwhelmed with work, he needed a little bit of help with his homework. Once, I did almost an entire assignment for him and since my sister was visiting at the time, she helped me. We had to make some sort of plasma membrane thingy out of food...I don't even know what most of it was, but we got an A!!!

(Kinda reminds me of a science fair project I did in 5th grade, but whatever.)

So today's post is dedicated to Eddie, for all his hard work and dedication. He has something that can never be taken away and he can always be proud of. I joked that we should relax for a few months before we both begin our masters. :)

A funny 'Eddie' story: