Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magical Moment 563, "Matching Badges"

Skype is one way to cope with the long distance that makes me long for my nieces and nephews. Eddie and I made a "Skype date" with my 2 nephews, Ethan and Zach. Eddie just came home from work and I insisted that he stay in his Park Ranger uniform because I was sure the boys would get a kick out of it.

Little Zach was joyful as ever, flying off the couch in his Spiderman pajamas and Super Man cape. He giggled when we put our dog Joy in front of the camera, and showed us how he can shoot web out of his wrist. But Ethan, a few years older, was not in such a happy mood. He sat glumly in front of the computer wearing a blue firefighter's jacket, bottom lip out. 
"What's wrong Ethan?" I asked.
"I'm having a bad day." He replied. 

Eddie and I tried our best to cheer him up. We made funny faces, sang goofy songs, I even hit Eddie with a pillow (which did get him to smile a little). Then suddenly I noticed something on his jacket.
"Ethan," I said, excited. "What's that on your jacket? Is it a badge?"

Ethan looked down at his chest, in search of what I described. At last he found it and grabbed it with his fingers. He held it out in front of the camera to show us.
"Ethan, look at Uncle Eddie's uniform! He has a badge too!" 
Eddie pointed to the gold, shiny badge on his right side.

Now Ethan's mouth went from a pouty frown, to a wide grin at the realization that he wears a badge just like his Uncle Eddie! He cheered right up for the rest of our Skype date. If we couldn't be there in person to give him a hug, at least we could do something to make him feel better.

Eddie, me, Zach, and Ethan on our last trip to visit

Those little sweeties: