Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Magical Moment 578, "Blue Hair"

Well, I dyed my hair blue today. 
Not kidding. 
Not exaggerating. 
Not on purpose. 
Not blue in a "certain light." 
Blue. Blue like the sky. Blue like my mood when I didn't have time to fix it before I went to work. It was supposed to be a light, golden brown...my attempt at saving money was to use a box instead of a professional. 

Recently, I've started to imagine that dreaded day when I look in the mirror and discover my first gray hair. Well, whatever trauma gray hair may cause in the future, it cannot be worse than blue hair now.

Wishing that baseball caps were appropriate work attire, I went to work, avoiding eye contact with everyone. Wouldn't this be the day when the outspoken boy with dreadlocks came to class? 
"Hey!" he called when he saw me sitting behind the piano, "Your hair's not red any more!"

Definitely not red.

There was an awkward pause. That moment when the person who notices the change is supposed to say, "Looks nice" came...and went. 

First thing tomorrow will be a trip to a real hair salon. I guess I'm not mean to know if blondes really do have more fun. But I can tell you one for thing for certain, blue-heads do not!

Embarrassing moments are a hobby of mine:
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