Thursday, February 25, 2010

Magical Moment 21, "In the Rain"

It’s been raining for 3 days now. Not the pretty kind of rain when the sun shines illuminating rays through holes in the dark clouds. Not even the exciting kind of rain when thunder and lightning fill the sky and make you feel all cozy and safe inside your house. Just typical gloomy, gray, muddy, and constant rain.

I put off running necessary errands, hoping the rain would eventually let up but it never did and now I had to drive all over town completing my procrastinated tasks in the rain. First was VA stuff (some left over eye problems from the Army), always a lengthy headache and usually accomplishing very little. And then another government agency interaction; trying to get my 5 month old paycheck for government contracted music I did last year and after five months, still not receiving it. Grocery shopping, the laundry mat (what kind of apartment doesn’t have a washer/dryer hookup?!), first of course I need to go to the ATM for cash and then change it into quarters, and more dog food. I drove my puppy to the vet and her wet muddy feet dirtied my car as she got in and out. My engine light came on for the 4th time in 2 weeks. And $200 for 3 puppy shots? Really?!

Good grief, I thought, Why can’t things be simpler? Why can’t one of the mechanics who’ve looked at my car just fix it? Why does the stupid cat have to meow in my face at 6 o’ clock every morning? Why can’t my hair just naturally grow in Loreal Shade 68? Why can’t it stop raining or snowing for one day so I can get a decent run in? And wonderful, now the school bus in front of me stopped and I’m already late for work tonight. There was no point in trying to speed the rest of the way or pass slow moving cars. I was late.

As I anxiously waited for the child to step off the bus, I noticed a woman with a black umbrella rush out the front door of the house to meet the little boy. She was smiling uncontrollably and calling his name, barely able to control her excitement. The moment the little boy saw her, he ran to meet her the rest of the way. She may have been his mother, just back from a business trip. Maybe she was a close family friend or relative. Whoever she was, she loved the little boy very much, and he was ecstatic to see her. I slowly drove away, glancing in my rear view mirror. They hugged tightly for a long time in the rain and then she put her arm over his shoulder and walked him into the house, shielding them both with the black umbrella.

I guess if you’re willing to look for them, magical moments happen, even in the rain.



Eddie said...

Beautiful. :) I wish it was raining here.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful scene in the rain.