Thursday, April 15, 2010

Magical Moment 70, "Don't I Feel Sheepish"

If anyone is keeping track, it's late. I know. But I have a good excuse. I was moping. I shot up in bed this morning at 5 am with the distinct feeling of panic. Suddenly my mind rushed with worries of finances, goals, and my uncertain future. I went to the computer having made the decision that I need a steady job. Music gigs are not as reliable as I need them to be.

As I searched all the career sites, I thought, "I went to college, I was in the Army, you'd think I'd be qualified for something, right?" Not so much. Two to five years experience required for everything. I have two to five years experience of nothing except music and Army. And let's face it, no one understands what goes on in the Army, so they don't know what I am capable of in the civilian world. I ended up applying for clerical and office assistant positions - a fancy word for receptionist and secretary, the kind of stuff I did in high school as a summer job.

So, feeling rejected and dejected, I neglected my blog this morning. And then, like a movie ending, or after school sitcom, the phone rang and it was a job. Not the dreaded job that would subject me to hours of data entry and filing paperwork, the kind of job I really wanted. Writing and working from home with plenty of freedom to continue with my music. It's a company that publishes articles on dozens of websites and allows me total freedom to write as many or as little articles as I can crank out in a day.

So now that I've put my "poor me" away, I can use this moment to take my foot out of my mouth and say, "Ask and ye shall receive."


Anonymous said...

sounds great!

Mary M Valencia said...

Good news was waiting to be heard!! Hooray!! Still reading OMMPD daily & sharing with whoever is near! Yes, I do! Today, Keri, a creative person. Keep up the good work.

Debbie said...

That is great news, I am sorry I was behind in reading your blogs everyday, that will teach me to stay on top of things.