Saturday, April 17, 2010

Magical Moment 72, "Hello, Old Friends"

A recent gift from my best friend, Deb, inspired me to walk down memory lane and recall an entire category from my childhood that helped shape my personality, imagination, and creativity. There is a whole list of movies and TV shows that I remember with fondness and nostalgia. They introduced me to characters who were as dear and important to me as those in real life. They gave me familiarity and comfort, and to this day I squeal with delight when I see them on PBS, re-runs, or in a two dollar bin at a going-out-of-business video rental store.

First I remember Anne-with-an-"e"-Shirley. Oh, you imaginative, spacy, red head, how I've missed you. My sisters, mother, and I watched her get in and out of shenanigans on lazy Sunday afternoons during PBS fund-raisers. And they always took breaks to sell that adorable porcelain doll that I always wished I could buy.

Of course, we can't forget Ramona Quimby, the awkward little who I remember identifying with as the younger sister and because she had dull, dishwater brown hair.

Sonora in “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” When she and her horse dove into the pool of water for the first time, it took my breath away. And when the horse’s hooves pounded in slow motion after she snuck out to jump for the first time after she went BLIND! Oh my. I had sweaty palms and I think it was the most exciting, suspenseful thing I ever saw as a little girl.

Remember, “Andre,” about the little girl and the seal? Oh she was adorable and who doesn’t love a story about becoming best friends and forming an unbreakable bond with an animal?
Of course everyone my age has to remember (admit it!) watching Saved By the Bell, Full House, and Family Matters. No use denying it. I know I watched religiously. From the days of Miss Bliss to the College years. From adorable baby Michelle to a young lady. And from nerdy Urkle to Stephon Urkall.

I guess this is what our parents feel like when they leave Nick at Night on while they tidy up the house and get ready for bed – just for the familiar characters that made them feel so happy and safe when they were younger. As for me, I have the popcorn, the sweat pants, and the snuggle blanket ready. It’s an “Anne of Green Gables” and “Anne of Avonela” day for me today.

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Debbie said...

oh my, I guess I know how you and Eddie will be spending your Saturday, here it is raining maybe that is what I should do?