Thursday, April 29, 2010

Magical Moment 84, "Fly with the Wind"

"Fly with the Wind" by Elizabeth Grimes

A small little bird once tried
Through strong, gusty winds to guide.

Her wings soon ached, tears poured as she wailed.
She felt defeat. She thought she failed.

"The wind is too strong and I’m too small.
What use is there to try at all?"

But after a short rest on a limb,
She worked up the strength to try it again.

This time, she changed her route
And the wind helped her to fly about.

Far above the clouds and the trees
She realized now she could fly with ease.

How silly she felt for giving up before
When a simple change caused her to soar.

Though the wind is hard to fly through,
Remember if you let it, it can carry you too.


Debbie said...

This is what I hope to accomplish everyday, thank you for writing this and in a small way helped me through a tough day.

Regina Teague said...

This might be my very favorite magical moment so far! :) I found myself picturing this little bird as I read!