Friday, April 30, 2010

Magical Moment 85, "A New Song"

I’ve started writing a billion songs. I’ve finished maybe 4 dozen. I’ve recorded maybe 2 dozen. And I like about 6 of them. I’ve been pedaling and polishing those 6 (or so) for what seems like years now. In fact, the last song I wrote that I liked, was “Sparrow” from last summer. I’ve been working so hard on distributing and pushing those songs that I’ve completely lost track of writing some new ones.

I have a trunk full of writing material. There are about 5 spiral ring notebooks, tons of loose scratch paper, random napkins, offertory slips, and brochures with chicken scratch all over. Sometimes I go through and read the chicken scratch and think, “Wow, I should really write that song. It might be a good one.” But then I feel like I should finish the ones I’ve already started before I begin a whole new one. Then I think, “Quit driving yourself crazy and just write something!”

So that’s the new deal. Buckle down and write something. Slap it together on garage band and wa-la. Even if I never hear these songs on the radio, I’ll have them in my pile of “completed songs” and the feeling of accomplishment after I get something that's trapped inside me, out on paper.

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