Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magical Moment 110, "Perrito"

The little girl toddled through the freshly cut grass making short, rapid steps with her chubby, bare feet. Her toothless smile stretched across her face and she giggled with overflowing excitement. In her clumsy coordinated manner, she tumbled into the soft lawn but never took her eyes off her goal for a moment. Un-phased by the obstacle, she continued on and finally reached the little puppy.

She stood frozen in front of the wiggling little creature, unsure of what to do next. “You can pet her,” the lady coaxed, demonstrating how it’s done, “It’s okay.” The little girl reached out her tiny hand in imitation, but jerked it back when the puppy’s tongue licked it. She squealed, half terrified, half thrilled and soon worked up the courage to try again. This time, she touched the back of the puppy, where it was safer. The moment she touched the fur was as electrifying as a jolt of lightning. She shrieked again, even more overwhelmed with delight and adrenaline.

The cycle continued for a few more minutes, each touch fueled with a little more bravery until she was completely fearless of the puppy’s unpredictable movements and wet kisses. Then, after hearing her mother call, she wrapped her two arms around the little puppy’s neck and kissed its’ forehead. “Perrito,” she said to the lady. She turned around and toddled back across the grass to her mother.

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