Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magical Moment 111, "The Grocery Store Song"

A goofy, angry, break-up song. Just for giggles. (video at the bottom)

"The Grocery Store Song" words and music by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009

Vs1 :
Bout swallowed my tongue when I saw you in the check out line.
You smiled, said hi, and asked if you could help me outside.
Well no thanks. I’m good.
If I had twice this much to carry don’t think I would
Extend the courtesy and allow you to help.
Why don’t you run along and find someone else.
Someone whose life you haven’t yet wrecked.
If she’s stupid enough then maybe she’ll accept.
I think it’s only fair that she knew
what it is she’d be getting herself into
so before you go and ruin her life
you might wanna say something like….

Hi I’m a lying sack of dirt,
you can’t tell right now but I’m quite a jerk.
You won’t find out though for a long long time
after you’ve given me your heart, body, and mind.
I’ll tell you nice things and string you along
then when I leave you make you wonder what you did wrong.
Then you’ll be a wreck for years on end,
but no matter what your heart will never mend.

Vs 2:
Well, off you go and remember to watch your step.
The last thing we need is for you to fall and trip
And break your arm or gash your knee
or be in any kind of misery.
And just to show my feelings aren’t hurt,
I made you this t-shirt….it says

So take care, nice to see you, tell the family hi.
No, I can carry all my bags, but thanks and goodbye.

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Mary Valencia said...

Your introduction sentence: "A goofy, angry, break-up song. Just for giggles." I was giggling before I got to the "Just for giggles." lol, Elizabeth, you are so funny! & you are so cute!!