Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magical Moment 115, "Magical Moments"

I’ve written lately about my incurable case of writer’s block. You’ve seen song lyrics and videos that I’ve posted in order to buy me a few days in hopes that inspiration will strike me and my idle fingers will spring to life, clicking away with words of motivation and hope.

I considered cutting back on my blog, from one magical moment per day, to one magical moment per every other day, or something to that effect (only a more poetic title, of course). When I mentioned that consideration to my older sister, I was met with an unexpected reaction. A resounding “No!” was her response. As I began to argue my case, “…I’m busy, it’s hard to think of something to write every day, I’ve done so many already…” I thought of all my past blogs. And then my mind rested on my very first post. I felt like giving up. I was tired. But I only needed one person in the whole world who believed in me and I was able to carry on. When I wanted to quit the most, was when I needed to persist the most. And then Regina said something that caused my idle fingers to spring to life, “Some days your ‘magical moments’ blog is the only magical thing that happens to me all day.”

So there you have it. There will be no “Magical Moment Per Every Other Day, Or Whenever I Feel Like It.” Magical moments happen every day, and if I can write them down to help others see them, even if it's just one person in the whole world, I will.


Eddie said...

If no one else in the whole world sees them, I always will. Thanks for everything, my beautiful wife.

Mary Valencia said...

I'm a daily follower. Thank You. ( :