Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magical Moment 96, "Venice in my Dreams"

Ever since I saw the movie, “Only You” with Marissa Tomei (love her!) when I was in sixth or seventh grade, I’ve been aching to go to Venice. I sift through Starving Artist paint sales searching for the perfect Venetian, framed scene of gondola, water, sunset, and romantic, brick buildings to fill that blank wall I’ve been saving in my living room. Still haven’t found the right one yet. I have tour books that tell me where and when to visit, shop, eat, and stay. Cliché or not, I don’t care. I want to ride in a gondola, eat lunch al fresco, and buy a pair of genuine, Italian leather shoes.

Of course now, I’m almost terrified to really go. If Venice didn’t live up to my expectations, I would be crushed. I’ve heard people say it’s not worth it. The water smells and the streets are narrow. I imagine Venice is much like New York City, in the way that some people see beauty and originality in every nook and cranny of the city, while others see garbage, crowds, and endless construction.

One thing is certain, I will always love Venice, whether or not I ever go, for the dreams it gave me, its beauty that inspired and influenced me, and some day, the lovely piece of art that will hang in my home.

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Eddie said...

I promise I will take you to Venice and you will love it.