Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magical Moment 98, "A New Route"

Midway through my predictable run route (down the Boulevard 2½ miles and back up 2½ miles), I wondered what would happen if I took a left instead of a right. When I laced up my shoes this morning, I wasn’t in the mood to break my usual mold, or run harder or longer than normal, but I suddenly felt energetic, ambitious, and curious.

I made twists and turns, keeping track of the unfamiliar streets I was on. Suddenly I found myself at the foot of a tremendous hill, so steep that the sidewalk turned to stairs with a handrail to keep pedestrians safe. I rolled my eyes and decided to just attack the thing. Panting and exhausted, I made it to the top. I was welcomed with a breath taking view of the Empire State building and surrounding New York City skyline. It sat like the proverbial “city on a hill,” framed by lush, green trees, and a perfect sunrise. Of all the months I’ve lived here and ran the same route, I’ve never seen such a clear shot of the city. Now I have a new regular run route.

After running for just one more song (Tik Tok, the world’s most annoying song, but it’s too difficult to skip songs with my new iPod arm band), I turned to go back home. Now I would go down the hill, a welcome prospect.

It’s amazing what we can find if we break from our comfort zone, even a little. And yes, unexpected difficulties may arise, but it’s so worth it.

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Michael Lee Rickman said...

you gotta love the road less traveled. It always takes you through those twist and turns, and though it often has bumps in the road, the end result is usually beautiful