Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Magical Moment 201, "The Sailor's Tale"

He had been watching the darkening sky for an hour now. The wind picked up, giving him haunting chills up and down his arms. He knew the storm would strike at any moment. He gazed out into the chilly water, now brewing uneasily, and prepared himself for a fight. He straightened his back and drew in a deep breath, resolving to combat the elements and save his ship at all cost. That’s when a gust of wind came out of nowhere and like a fist, knocked him off his feet. It had begun.

His ship violently rocked from side to side, making it impossible to keep the wheel steady though he gripped with all his might. He had lost his crew in the last storm and now only he remained. Powerful waves crashed upon the deck and swept him across the wooden floor. Just as he braced himself to crash into the wall, an enormous wave tipped the ship just so, threatening to dump him over the side into the vast, unforgiving ocean. At the last second before he was separated from his ship forever, he managed to grip the ledge of the wall with his fingertips. When the wave had passed, turning his ship upright again, he found himself hanging over the side, struggling desperately to pull himself back over. At last, his adrenaline-fueled strength momentarily saved him and he dropped to the interior side of the ship’s wall.

He fought his way back to the wheel and wiped the water from his drenched face, squinting and straining to focus on the horizon. Just as he began to get back on course, he saw it. The sea monster. He reached for his water-powered laser gun, the only weapon not lost in the storm, and began to fill it with the sea water that now pooled around his ankles. The monster was rising out of the sea, towering over his insignificant ship. Hurry up, hurry up! He urgently told himself as he watched the water level of the gun slowly rise. The monster leaned back, gaining momentum to strike and then with full force, lunged straight towards him. At the exact moment, the laser gun was finally fueled with enough water and he raised the weapon, aiming at the grotesque monster right between the eyes. He tightened his trigger finger and let out a determined, victorious cry.

“Hey!” His mom said, shocked and holding her arms out questioningly as the neon blue water gun shot her right in the face.
“Sorry mom.” He said guiltily when he realized what he’d done.
“I told you to come inside. It’s gonna start pouring any second.” she handed him a towel. “Now pick up your toys and put them on the deck, then come inside and eat dinner.”
He pulled up his sopping wet swim trunks as he stepped over the flimsy side of his ocean blue wading pool, cuddled deep into the warm soft towel, and followed his mother inside for homemade pizza.


Amber said...

Loved it! The moment he picked up his water-powered laser gun, I knew it was going to get good. Thanks so much for sharing.
~ Amber

sarah said...

Love it! yeah when he picked up that laser gun, i definetly got more curious!