Friday, August 27, 2010

Magical Moment 204, "Leonardo Da'Beth"

The last time I attempted to paint anything, was when I tackled the white walls of the guest bedroom in our old house, which looked...ok I guess, but upon closer inspection, were sloppy edges, chipped paint, and brown drips on the white carpet. Today while Eddie shopped for finishing varnish to apply to his completed paintings, I browsed through Michael's and discovered a Donna Dewberry paint kit. Donna Dewberry (for those of you who do have cable and don't spend your free time watching PBS) is an artist with a simple style of creating masterpieces with one very effortless brush stroke. The result when this brush stroke is repeated in a variety of shape patterns and color pallets is a remarkable scene of flowers, vines, birds, and butterflies.

The technique seemed so easy on TV, that I thought I would buy the kit and give it a try. My surface of choice was a glass vase. After a few practice brush strokes on a white sheet of paper, I decided to dive right in and start on the vase. Surprisingly, I found myself really enjoying the process. And this technique really is easy! I would definitely say if you've ever thought about painting but didn't think you had the knack for it, watch this lady's show. As a certified self critic, I'm actually pretty happy with the way my very first paint creation turned out. What a great day to try something brand spankin' new!

(But really, take a look at Donna Dewberry's website, she has some really beautiful stuff)