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Magical Moment 239, "The Perfect Soundtrack"

I don’t think I would survive the bus and train rides in and out of the New York City without my iPod. I got it free with my new computer and Eddie engraved the words, “Gonna take a Sentimental Journey” on the back, lyrics to my all time favorite song. Music makes the sudden stops, rude passengers, and overpowering scent of BO just a little more bearable. Today I put the headphones in my ears, selected “shuffle” for my 8-kilobytes of music, and absorbed the sites around me, noticing how they correlated in perfect synch to the music that only I could hear. Like the soundtrack to a movie.

You won’t believe me, but the song that played as Bus 163 drove through the Lincoln Tunnel (connecting NJ to NYC), was “Back to Manhattan” by Norah Jones. I listened to her gentle voice as I stared out the smudged window at the beige tiles of the tunnel, reflecting the glare of the fluorescent headlights as cars made their way to and from the city. On the subway, I heard my ancient recording of “Rock-a-bye Ethan” I made years ago for my baby nephew. I would normally skip this song, but I let it play when I noticed a mother come through the sliding subway doors pushing a toddler in a stroller, and carrying an infant wrapped in a swaddler, which she steadied with her free hand as she struggled over the threshold between the platform and subway car.

As I walked a few city blocks in the Lower East Side, I heard the most perfect song. Though it was dreary and raining, hundreds of people swarmed the sidewalks with their umbrellas. We bumped shoulders with one another, flooded the crosswalks despite the “don’t walk” signal, and made a beeline for our destinations. I heard a line from “I Died So I Could Haunt You” by Stars. I thought about how so many of us daily make our way through this world, filling our lives with what we believe is significant. The song was so fitting, I felt as though a ghost whispered the lyric right into my ear, “Thousands of ghosts in the daylight, one day we’ll all disappear. We’ll walk till we get to the harbor. They’ll never know we were here."


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Magical Moment 620, "Lilac Garden"

Eddie and I visited the Lilac Gardens at Ringwood Manor in New Jersey, a pristine and beautiful state park with 8 species of lilacs and several varieties within. We went on a rainy afternoon, which turned out perfect because the rain stopped for us when we got there, and began again as soon as we left. It also decorated the plants with gorgeous rain drops, adding to their beauty. 

And now for a quick game of "Where's Elizabeth?"
And "Where's Eddie?"
~~Have a great weekend! ~~

Magical Moment 420, "The Critter Awards"

I'm nearly 28 and I still love to go to the zoo - even with no nieces or nephews to use as an excuse. I went to the Turtle Back Zoo in NJ with Eddie today. It was cold and rainy, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to have fun snapping photos of my favorite critters.
The Happiest Critter award goes to: Cassie the Sea Otter This is Cassie's first nomination as she is a new addition to the zoo. She thanks her parents for making her so cute, and the zoo keepers for feeding her and keeping her energy up to entertain the guests.
The Most Hypnotizing Critter award goes to: The Sea Horse The Sea Horse was also nominated for Brightest Critter.
The Brightest Critter award goes to: The Blue Fish The Blue Fish and the Sea Horse are considered rivals in many aspects, but personally maintain a good friendship. "We work together in our goal to inspire awe in our spectators," said the Blue Fish.
The Best Dressed Critter award goes to: The Peacock The Peacock has won this award sever…

Magical Moment 611, "Great is Your Reward"

Certain sounds and smells can bring to mind a long forgotten memory. For me, certain Bible verses can conjure up a memory, long, but not so forgotten.
If you grew up like me, in a private Christian school, attending Sunday School, Awanas, and Vacation Bible School regularly, you're an expert at quoting Scripture. I laugh in the face of Bible "Sword Drill." I can find a Scripture reference in 3 seconds or less. When other's have to think to themselves the sequential order, "Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians..." I'm already at I Thessalonians. It's like growing up bi-lingual. The skill is just there.
This morning, I read the first 3 words of a verse, and then finished it quickly by memory. Like the pledge of allegiance, it was automatic. "Trust in the Lord...
...With all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."  Proverbs 3:5-6
When I finished, I smiled to myself slightl…