Sunday, October 3, 2010

Magical Moment 241, "The Best Fall Morning"

This blog is about choosing one small, seemingly insignificant moment every day and recognizing the positive and often overlooked aspects of joy in it. This morning was a special occasion that only comes around once a year. I woke up annoyingly early and couldn’t go back to sleep. First I thought I should use the opportunity to go for a run, but when I got out of bed I completely changed my priorities. The windows had been open all night and let the new, chilly autumn air flow into our apartment. My toes froze as they touched the cold, wooden floor. I shivered as I made my way to the dark kitchen to make a cup of coffee. That’s when I realized…this is it. This is that wonderful, rare brisk morning I’ve been waiting for, when I get to dig out one of my favorite things in the world that’s been buried in the back of an unimportant drawer for the last 7 months. My big, gray sweatpants!

They’re nearly a decade old. Men’s size XL. They were enormous to begin with, but now time has warped the elastic so much that I have to clip the waist with a wooden clothespin just to keep them on. I don’t care though. I love them. Easy, comfortable, worn to perfection. They keep me warm all season long until spring’s chill gives way to summer’s warmth and I have to put them back into the drawer.

I’ve tried to replace them in the past with pajama pants, women’s sweat pants, even yoga stretchy pants, but nothing can hold a candle to the delightful coziness I feel when I’m in my big, gray sweatpants. And now their time has come again. So this morning, I sat in the big comfy chair, sipping a hot, steamy cup of coffee as the crisp, fall air gently blew the curtains, all the while feeling perfectly content and safe in my big, gray sweatpants.

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laughwithusblog said...

Really makes me want a pair! I love fall!