Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magical Moment 245, "New Spin on Classic Rock"

I know, I know! I should be practicing ballet music for Saturday's classes. Lately I've been forcing myself to practice classical music for uncharacteristically long hours in preparation for my new job at a ballet school and company. Mainly I need to learn more music for dégagés, and some good jumping music (so if there's any suggestions out there...). Precision and repetition are the keys for me when I'm learning a piece of music like Pizzicati from the Ballet "Sylvia." It's killin me, actually. I haven't practiced this hard since college.

So I took a break and fooled around with a waltz. On my first day playing for the class, the instructor asked me to play some "stretching" music, which is usually a relaxing, languid, 3/4 piece that makes your muscles want to melt into supple flexibility. I looked at him, puzzled for a moment, because I had already used most of my prepared waltzes. So instead, I thought of a nice chord progression from a well-known, 4/4 song, and played it in a waltz. This is kind of how it came out. I made this classic-rock piece sound as "ballet-y" as I could.  

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