Monday, October 18, 2010

Magical Moment 256, "Where Joy Lies"

If I've learned anything from writing this blog every day since February 4th, it's that moments of joy are in the most unlikely places, and to see and notice them, all we have to do is make an effort to look. I've found these moments on a bus, at work, stuck in traffic, on my couch, or in my yard. I've found them on the most cranky, exhausting, and boring of days. And I've found them in unremarkable situations that a few months ago, may have passed right by me. 

Today as I practiced the piano, just like a million times before, it finally struck me just how sweet it is that my dog, Joy, lays right next to my feet as I plunk away at the keys for hours. Luckily, the camera was in arms reach and I snapped a quick shot. She's a good and loyal dog and really has brought me a great deal of happiness since I got her for Christmas last year. Today is just another reminder that joy lies in the most unexpected places, and how thankful I am to see it. 

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Eddie said...

Joy will be a year old on Halloween. We got her from Missouri. She was being born as we drove from North Carolina up to New Jersey. She flew to Newark Airport for Christmas and she loves the snow. She has been a good dog.