Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magical Moment 321, "What's in a Gift?"

I put great thought and care into the Christmas presents I got for my loved ones this year. Gifts are one way I can to say to someone, "I appreciate you, care for you, think about you." Although they may not be expensive or extravagant, I hope that when they are opened, the receiver will feel special and know that I care for and value them.

And the reason I think this has been heavy on my mind this year, is because I've been quite fortunate in the gifts I've received...from my husband. Not just at Christmas, not just on our anniversary, not just for my birthday. But the flowers I receive when he comes home from the grocery store on a Tuesday. Or the fuzzy socks he saw at Wal-mart and thought of me when he stopped to get anti-freeze for the car. Or the Chewy Sweetarts he grabbed at a gas station because he knows those are my favorite.

These gifts have been a reflection of Eddie's feelings for me, his love, his thoughts, his heart. It comes out in his gifts. What is truly in our hearts manifests in all sorts of ways - words, actions, and gifts. I'm thankful that I know what is truly in Eddie's heart for me, and I hope that my loved ones know what is truly in mine this Christmas.

One of Eddie's gifts to me, was tickets to the one-night-per-year performance of "The Nutty Nutcracker" ballet at the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX. A thoughtful, unique gift and we had an amazing time. 


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Impressive words with a nice theme of love to share, with a care of respectful inclinations, of which induces family bonds to the utmost feelings of partnership!

Thank you humbly so much, and with a modest touch of thoughtfullness, as in being gentle with your words and intellect.

Love love, andrew. si.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Thank you Andrew. :)

Steve Gravano said...

It's those small sweetarts type gifts that say, you're always on my mind, and therefor have the most meaning. Nice Magical Moment.