Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magical Moment 324, "Christmas Magic Moments"

Merry Christmas! Today has been full of magical moments. Here are my family's favorite moments so far:

My mother's magical moment, was opening her gift from her daughters. A set of hand-painted Ne' Qwa Art Nativity ornaments. 

My father's magical moment, was sitting at the beautifully set Holiday dinner table, looking around at all his family.

Eddie's magical moment, was when little Trace saw him, and immediately reached out to him. Trace never reached for another person the whole night.

My older sister's magical moment, was watching her boys being unconditionally showered with love by their Aunt and Uncle.

My little sister's magical moment, was after Christmas Eve dinner. She was hand-washing the china and I stood behind her, french braiding her long, black, beautiful hair.

Mine, was Christmas morning, when little Zach brought me a book to read and sat on my lap. Only a few seconds later, Ethan came over and sat on my other knee. We read the story of the baby manatee and his mother.

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Steve Gravano said...

Sounds like you all had a magical Christmas.