Monday, September 27, 2010

Magical Moment 235, "The Bird in the Rain"

My little friend lives just outside.
She chirps and sings and flies with pride

Today I watch her only through glass.
I’ll stay inside till the rain has passed.

The dark gray clouds have darkened my mood.
The wet showers have dampened me too.

But the rain won’t keep her hidden away.
A puddle is the perfect spot to play.

A few little drops won’t stifle her song.
Soon the others start to sing along.

A dripping wet wing is no nuisance to her,
Instead she basks in a refreshing shower.

Ok my friend, you’ve lured me out.
I’ll save another day to pout.

So clearly you show me, so plainly you say,
“Rain’s no excuse to waste the day.”

*Painting by Dot Small