Monday, December 27, 2010

Magical Moment 326, "The Sounds of Bedtime"

It starts with the phrase, "Okay, jammies on!"
Next we hear one great yawn.

A groan or two will naturally follow.
"Gulp," as the the milk goes down with a swallow.

A bedtime story is read allowed
Of bears and bunnies and birds on a cloud.  

"Goodnight mommy. Goodnight Aunt Beth.
"Goodnight Uncle Eddie," he takes a short breath.

"Goodnight Ironman, and Spiderman too."
(Pet fish after all deserve a proper adieu.)

"Good night dear Jesus, and thanks for my mom."
Finally he's tucked in, and all is calm.

And the final sound, makes barely a noise.
Just silent dreams, and a whisper, "Goodnight, sweet boys."