Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magical Moment 328, "Be Right There"

I settled down for a quiet evening in. Jammies on with my thick slipper socks, a movie picked out, and left over cookies and milk for a snack. It was one of my last nights "home" before we drove back to New Jersey. As soon as I cozied up into a warm, thick blanket, my phone rang. 

"Hi Aunt Beth! Can you come over and read us a bed time story?" asked my 4-year old nephew.
I paused for only a moment and considered a child-friendly way to say no. I would see him in the morning after all. Luckily though, I thought again. 

In a few nights, I won't be 4 1/2 minutes away from my nephews, but 1,293 miles away. And should they call and want to play, or read a bedtime story, I won't have a choice anymore. 

"Yes sweety. I'll be right there."

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Dawn said... this! What a great aunty:)
Way to grab the Moment!