Thursday, December 30, 2010

Magical Moment 329, "I Saw My Grandpa Today"

I saw my grandpa today.
It's been a few years for me now.
I drove out quite a way,
through the country where farmers plow.

Out past the school with only one room
Where Grandpa went as a kid.
Now it's deserted as a tomb,
With field mice and birds amid.

And when I arrived at Grandpa's place
I didn't play like before.
It was a small, quiet, and gentle space,
And I couldn't roughhouse anymore.

We talked mostly of the changing times,
The bait shop is closed now too.
"Did you know my last name is now Grimes?"
He wasn't there, but he knew.

Not much else to speak of and yet,
I lingered there for a while.
Among Iris, Rosemary, and Violet,
I bid goodbye with a smile.

I saw my Grandpa today.
It's been a few years for me now.
And I left a wet tear on the ground where he lay,
"I'll come back soon," I vow.


Travel Nurse Extraordinaire said...

That's soo lovely! I miss my grandparents too. Most of all my father's mom. A few years ago i moved down the street from her grave and would visit and leave her bobbypins because she let me play with her hair.

Dawn said...

This is another beautiful post.
There is something almost solemn yet magical about visiting our grandparents place. It may get a bit easier as time goes on...but oh I miss mine so.

Have a wonderful New Year ahead...looking forward to reading (and hearing) more of your talents:))

Elizabeth Grimes said...

TNE, how sweet. It's difficult for me to visit my grandpa's grave which makes it all the more special when I get to. Thanks for your comment.

Thank you Dawn. I'll always miss my Grandpa, that's for sure. I try to remember how fortunate I was to know him as long as I did.