Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magical Moment 325, "A Lincolnite Comes Home"

I am a 3rd generation "Lincolnite." That means, like both my parents, and all my grandparents, I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have an odd camaraderie in this part of the state. Recognized nationally for only our football team and being the home of Warren Buffet, I get some strange reactions when I tell people I'm from Nebraska. Specifically, I remember once as a little girl on vacation in Colorado. A woman from a different state asked me where I was from, and when I said "Nebraska," she replied with, "What state is that in?"

But if you are from Nebraska, specifically the Lincoln area, you'll find that we have very strong feelings about our home. Pla mor Ballroom, O Street, Lee's Chicken, Pioneers Park, the State Fair, the stadium, the Hay Market, and the Capitol Building, are all things that you could mention to any of us, and we would immediately light up with recognition and pride. 

I've been away from my Lincoln home for nearly 6 years now, but when I visit, I feel as if I never left. When we drove into town a few days ago for our short Christmas homecoming, there was something along the skyline that let me know for sure, that I was home. The Lincoln State Capitol Building is the tallest building in the city (by law actually). It can be seen for miles and miles outside the city limits. 

When it came into view, I recalled my first sight of the New York City skyline, the excitement and anticipation that the Empire State Building brought. Though our little Lincoln Capitol Building would pale in comparison to the mighty Empire State Building, when I saw the tall, slender shape high above the wide open plains of Nebraska, I told Eddie, "That's how I know I'm home." 

The Nebraska State Capitol Building, Lincoln Nebraska
photo from Go Red

The Lincoln Skyline 
photo from Wikapedia


Dawn said... place like home! The skyline is it- isn't it? I always look for my "country skyline" when I've been away!

(I've fallen off the blog-wagon lately...and am a wee bit behind! Hope you had a spectacular Christmas!!)

Paul C said...

Sky scrapers can seem rather passe but they can also be iconic as evidenced here with a distinctive building. I enjoyed the architectural tour of the sky scrapers in Chicago a year ago. It helps you to appreciate design features.