Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Magical Moment 418, "Five Senses"

Choosing one positive moment a day to share is very easy some times. When I've seen an amazing sunset, been around my nieces and nephews, or experienced the kindness of a stranger, I know immediately what to write about. Other times, it can be more difficult. The days when I spent hours doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and putting in piano practice hours, it can feel sort of hum drum. On those days, I have to become a little more resourceful, depend on my 5 senses to heighten, and find me that one magical moment among the day to day activities of an un-extraordinary day.

As I play the cool, smooth ivory keys of my beautiful piano, I suddenly feel Joy's wet nose nudge my knee. It startles me at first. I thought she was asleep at my feet. But she's awake now. And she wants to be touched too. 

My husband brought home a treat for me. Easter's coming. That means the stores are filled with...chocolate bunnies! Yum. I like their peanut butter ears best.

I don't live near the postcard like scenery of Hawaii or Colorado. But as I walk to and from the laundry room, I pass several trees. Today I make an extra effort to crane my neck and look upwards. Bare branches. They sway in the wind. On one thin branch, a nest. I never noticed it before today.

Eddie and I run several miles together, then play a good game of racket ball. We stink. But it feels so good to smell healthy.

Turn the TV off. Turn the radio off. I open the windows to let the breeze in and I hear a song. Not one that I know or can hum to, but beautiful nonetheless. Wind chimes. Several of them throughout the neighborhood. A beautiful symphony of perfectly tuned wooden knocks, and sweet chiming bells. 

For an un-extraordinary day, I suppose 5 magical moments is quite lucky.


Hilary said...

Always a good idea to take note of what surrounds you. Thanks for sharing your sense-filled day. :)

Linda said...

I marvel at your ability to post some magical moment every day. Looking for those magical moments would be a good habit for all of us to develop.