Friday, May 20, 2011

Magical Moment 470, "Pioneer's Park"

During my quick trip home to Nebraska, we spent an afternoon at Pioneer's Park for a family picnic. Unfortunately, the record high heat, made it a short afternoon. The kids got overheated and the playground equipment scorched their little legs and feet. But before we packed up the fried chicken and headed home, we made a few mandatory stops. Pioneer's park staples if you will...

The perfect picture of Nebraska. Open prairie, muddy little pond, wildlife.

We love the elk. Though, the boys lovingly call them "reindeer."
Regina (sister), Ethan, Beth, Zach, Mary (mom), Erica (sister)

Another family had a day out as well.

Glad they enjoy stale hot dog buns.

 See those pillars waaaay over there? That's where I got married. Sorry Eddie. Too hot to walk over. Zoom will have to due for today.

Here's a close up of them from nearly 4 years ago.
*photo by Frank Ekeler

Normally, there are buffalo out here, but they must have been hiding from the sun. I never realized how funny it must sound to Eeast Coasters when they find out that I'm from Nebraska and got married at a place called Pioneer's Park. They must think I'm a real hick. But as you can see, it's quite lovely. Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls be darned, put Pioneer's Park on your bucket list!


Eddie said...

It's where I was happiest in my whole life. But I have to admit that I don't remember much about the scenery that day four years ago, because I could only focus on my lovely wife and nothing was as beautiful as her.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Elizabeth. We need a footnote on the family photo, though, identifying the people in it. :) We might just have to check out Pioneer's Park on our next trip out that way.

laughwithusblog said...

It is gorgeous!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Awesome geese family pix! I was so happy to see them 20 feet away. Thanks for showing these close-ups! I am glad to see all the pix :)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Linda, added just for YOU!!!

Esther, did you ever make it out there much in your Nebraska days?

Kim, thank you! Glad you enjoyed them. :)

Rick said...

Looks like a lovely place (love that top photo). Been to the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, so Pioneer Park will have to go on the bucket list !