Monday, August 8, 2011

Magical Moment 548, "I Spy"

Time to play "I Spy."

Can you spy the pontoon boat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
You may have to click to enlarge, or else put on the eye glasses you never wear!

Here it is a bit closer...just a tad though (even though I zoomed all the way in).

How about the kayak? (Thinking about my blogger friend at Just One Life)

Here's the cheat sheet.

And the fisherman?

There he is.

"No Picture or word, no brush or palette, no lens or paint, can extend the wonder of Grand Canyon beyond itself."
-Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets (IMAX)



Linda said...

That last one is especially beautiful. Did you go to the bottom of the canyon?

TexWisGirl said...

LOL! it's really lovely!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Linda, yes we floated about 15 miles along the Colorado River. It was amazing!

TexWisGirl, it's even more so in person!

Dawn said...

It's so beautiful Elizabeth!!!!
Thanks for sharing your photos. I just added one more thing to my list to do!!!!!!!!

(Oh....and Mr.Farmer saw your last name and said "HEY! I have Grimes' relations in the states! Hmmmm...IF we were somehow related- don't you think a reunion is in order;)

THANKS again for this post. I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks like a most relaxing day on the river... Wonderful shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks like a most relaxing day on the river... Wonderful shots.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

It is just so beautiful, blue sky, reddish rocks, greenery around the water...

Deborah said...

Wow, it's just incredible! I wish I was there!!!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Dawn, yes you would LOVE it! How amazing would that be if we were related?! Are his relatives from Texas by chance? :)

Thanks Robin, it was perfect!

Gary, absolutely and 100 times that in person.

Deborah, it should be on everyone's list for sure! :)