Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Magical Moment 550, "A Kid in a Toy Store"

My nephew turned 5 yesterday, so of course, he had to have the bestest present his Aunt Beth could find. What better place to find the bestest present, than at the bestest toy store?! We explored the wonderland of FAO Shwarz Toy Store in NYC for the first time.

You know the giant piano in the movie "Big?" This is it!

My favorite section though, is the Barbie section. Oh yes it is! A moving Barbie fashion show! Did you ever?!

And a barbie fooseball table!

This is a sport I could handle. Until....

Guess I'll just stick to shopping for the nieces and nephews.

"Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic: it is as if creation rose luminously out of the night, all new and fresh and astonishing. Childhood is over the moment things are no longer astonishing. When the world gives you a feeling of 'déjà vu,' when you are used to existence, you become an adult."
-Eugene Ionesco 


Dawn said... that SERIOUSLY the price? Really?

TexWisGirl said...

Barbie foosball! what a crack up!!!

Linda said...

This looks like a child's paradise. What a nice aunt your nephews have.

missing moments said...

A bBarbie foosball ... too funny!

Susan in the Boonies said...

All those little armless Barbies are kind of creepy.

Not to mention the ball bouncing off her rock hard boobies.