Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Magical Moment 474, "Meant To Be"

Sometimes I see, or hear of a moment between couples and immediately know that those 2 are "meant to be." Here are just a few examples.

-My dad's name is Ricky after the 50's singer Ricky Nelson. Ricky Nelson sings a famous song called "Hello Mary Lou." In the song he sings about her "big brown eyes." My dad married a woman named Mary Louise, with big brown eyes. You can't make that up. 

-I have a friend who is notorious for his corny jokes and ill-timed humor. The first time I met his wife, she told a story and in the middle paused and looked at her husband, "I know you want to make a joke here, so go ahead." He cracked the not-so-funny joke, and then she proceeded with her story. That's when I knew they were perfect for each other. She let him be just what he is and loved him for it.

-My Grandpa used to select one rose from his garden every season to bring to my Grandma. His explanation was, "One rose means one true love."
When he passed away, my Grandma laid a single rose in his coffin for her one true love.

-When Eddie and I first began dating, I once checked his voice mail on his cell phone for him. There was one saved messaged and when I listened to it, it was my voice! Months ago, loooong before our relationship began, I left him a work-related voice mail about a meeting the next day, and he never deleted it. Smiling and flattered, I asked why he still had that message. He just replied that he could never bring himself to delete my voice, even before the thought of us being "together" occurred to him. 

I know you must have seen or experienced these kinds of moments as well. Share them below if you like. :)