Monday, May 30, 2011

Magical Moment 480, "Happy Memorial Day"

I've said before that my Grandma is the most patriotic person I know. Her family, from Mexico, consisted of her mother raising 10 children alone. And though she is full blooded Mexican, her heart completely belongs to the United States. She is the most appreciative supporter of the military I have ever met. And so for today's post, I turned to one of her many writings to share. She wrote this for her Writer's Group with Betsy Ross and the first hand-stitched flag as her inspiration.

"Red White and Blue" 
by Mary M. Valencia 10/13/2009

Ripples high Red, White, and Blue
Sounds of freedom alerts us to
A Nation's fighting battle cry
Amongst the density she flies high.
Forward rushing 3,000 men
Grimace boldly to defend.
Battles fought on common soil
Where once'st with brother they did toil.
The promise of a new tomorrow
Bodies buried lessen the sorrow.
Atrocious battle has been fought
Unmeasured calmness now is sought.
Forward proudly in the lead
Fife and drum, Red, White and Blue in steed.
A step in time, a skip or two
Voice of "Freedom" rings so true.
The price for peace has been paid.
Friends and Foe weapons laid.
O say does that star-spangle banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

My Grandma and I at her beloved home. Yes, she flies her flag every single day. Memorial Day, or otherwise.

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your cookouts, day at the beach, and relaxing time with family. But also, remember the deceased, injured, and forever changed men and women who made the sacrifice for country.