Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magical Moment 481, "Deer Hunting"

My husband is a Park Ranger at a National Park in New Jersey. Though it's a small park, whose historical significance boasts Thomas Edison's former residence, he still sees his dose of wildlife. And since I love little critters, he took me on a mission to hunt and shoot - my camera. Our main objective was deer, but on our mission, we found some less-illusive critters to shoot. 

More chipmunks that I could possibly count

I find them irresistibly adorable

 More groundhogs than I could possibly count

See baby groundhog on the left, and lazy mamma on the right?

My own pretty little critter, Joy. (She did more scaring away, than helping us find).

Finally, the deer came out.

But the best find, and shots of the day, were of this little baby. I named her Fauna. 

Fauna was brave, but we didn't want to get too close. I'll continue to check on her.

One of the best things about the return of good weather, is that critter season is open. I must remember to keep my camera nearby, lest there be any good shots that I can readily take. :)

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