Monday, June 20, 2011

Magical Moment 501, "Hear's to IMAX"

I sat through 2 hours of ear-piercing thuds and ground-vibrating explosions. Not in war zone, but in the safety and comfort of our local IMAX Theatre, Skittles and popcorn in hand. I had never been to one before, when Eddie took me a few nights ago on a date.

I suppose the images were sharper than a regular movie screen. It was certainly larger. But what really shocked me was how loud it was! We were still sitting through the previews when I slapped my hands over both of my ears and gave Eddie a terrified glance. Like a child sitting through fireworks, trying to enjoy the magnificent display but in painful discomfort. 

I soon discovered that Eddie's shoulder was the optimum level at which to lean my head on. After all, that is the best way to watch a movie with someone. Eddie could feel when I tensed, winced, or jerked in reaction to a sudden booming sound. Only one ear drum found protection, pressed against his shoulder. And so with his hand, he reached around to my exposed ear and covered it as well. For the next 2 hours, my head would remain sandwiched between Eddie's shoulder, and Eddie's hand. He said it was one of his favorite dates. And that is how I made it through my first IMAX experience, hearing in tact.